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Animal Gifts

Our animal gifts catalog highlights unique animal figurines, animal themed gifts and decorative animal ornaments such as vases, wolf gifts, dog gifts, cat gifts and other animals which represent anything other than statues. Here, you will find a vast array of animal themed gifts from table lamps to bookends to decorative animal ornaments for the home and garden.
Grizzly and Black Bear Gifts
Our bear gifts highlights bear table lamps, wine bottle holders, bear card holders and unique bear figurines and bear door stops for anyone who loves the rustic and lodge home decor.
Decorative Bird Gifts and Ornaments
Create a bird theme with bird gifts for the home including bird bookends and bird wall decor. See our bird statues for sculptures and bird statues.
Bunny and Rabbit Gifts
Our range of rabbit and bunny gifts include unique a range of bunny and rabbit bookends and rabbit gifts for the home and garden.
Cat Gifts
Our unique cat gifts include angel cat ornaments and figurines, small cat figurines and other cat themed gifts that make great gift ideas for cat lovers.
Deer Gifts
Our charming deer gifts includes an enchanting collection of deer ornaments and deer figurines to help create a lodge cabin decor appeal.
Dog Gifts
Our selection of Dog Gifts include unique dog gifts such as dog table lamps, dog doorstops, dog desk accessories, dog bookends and many more gifts with the dog themes.
Dolphin Gifts
Discover unique dolphin gifts including dolphin windchimes, dolphin card holders and even dolphin candle holders.
Elephant Gifts
Our elephant gifts features a range of elephant bookends, elephant gifts items and many elephant themed gifts and decorations.
Frog Gifts
Discover unique frog gifts like frog figurines, frog business card holders and many gifts with the frog theme.
Horse Gifts
Our range of horse gifts include unique horse bookends, horse head finials, horse figurines and many other equestrian gifts for the horse lover.
Tabletop Lion Gifts and Plaques
Our lion gifts catalog highlights a touch of the lion theme with decorative accents to celebrate the might of this powerful animal.
Monkey Gifts
Our monkey gifts catalog features unique monkey gifts from bookends, figurines to monkey decorations for the home and garden.
Mouse Gifts
Explore unique mouse gifts including mouse candle holders, mouse ornaments and mouse bookends.
Pig Gifts
Our range of pig gifts are meant to delight and enchant from a unique range of pig bookends to pig wall decor and country pig gifts.
Turtle Gifts
Explore turtle gifts including turtle clocks, turtle desk ornaments and many gift ideas for turtle lovers.
Wolf Gifts
Our wolf gifts include unique wolf decor accent like wolf business card holders, wolf bookends, wolf clocks and many other unique wolf decor accents.

Our Love for Wildlife Animals Shows with Conservation Efforts

Clearly, the wildlife astounds us. Think Instagram and you would find a myriad of pictures captivating the many cute poses of animals living in the wild. Of course, when taken from a distance, we can only admire them. They certainly look so vulnerable in their own habitat. We want to protect them and in our quest to create the healthy planet we want, we have also prioritized the ecology to maintain wildlife existence. So, it isn’t surprising that many wildlife foundations and organizations are created to oversee that we take care of our wildlife whether it be the gorillas and hippopotamus in Africa, the herons and cranes in the American continent or the orang utans of Indonesia. We know we want our wildlife to live healthy and be free of the predatory pursuits evoked sometimes by the cunning humankind. Poachers will not stop when it comes to getting a priceless tusk from a hippopotamus to sell at the black market or to hunt the turtles from the sea for medicinal value.

While our devotion to the lower animals like the cats and dogs allows us to keep them as pets, there are many animals which are protected and only allowed to live in the wild or under supervised human control. Such places include organizations which oversee and study their well being like zoos which themselves seek funding to further the development and preservation of the wildlife. Certain universities are also given the licenses to house some selected wildlife like monkeys for instance where they engage in research for the betterment of the wildlife community. And our interest in the wildlife and knowing these animals comes forth as we visit zoos and museums to learn more about them. While we realize they are best kept locked and protected, we are always interested to know more about them and we find ways and donate to causes so that their habitat can be protected.

So, what is the wildlife and why does it preoccupy us humans? To put it simply, the wildlife involves animals which we cannot keep as pets. Such examples would include the lions, tigers, monkeys, zebras, giraffes and alligators or crocodiles. And yes, that includes the delicate deer as well. Perhaps, humans are very much made the way they are to care for the wildlife. Maybe, we consider them really vulnerable and so, over time, we have developed ways to care for the other creatures which live on this planet. Our instincts are simply designed to protect and if you recall, you might realize that a number of people voiced extreme sentiments over the shooting of Harambe, a gorilla that once lived in the Connecticut zoo. The story of its shooting arose when a little boy fell into its cage and needed to be saved. The interest in the gorillas and the monkeys could exist because we feel close to them and consider them our closest living relative.

Because we treasure the wildlife, a number of us oftentimes want to make them a part of our home and garden. We enjoy shopping for anything that adds interest in the wildlife world. Some of us may invest in lion sculptures setting up two life size lions to adorn the entrance of our home or institutions. Courthouses for instance may highlight lion sculptures as part of their architectural showing a sign of might and strength. Some of us may like horse statues because we grew up with them. Riding schools and farms may highlight life size sculptures of horses to show how they feel about the horses around them since horses have been domesticated for farming purposes for several centuries even serving the military and army since ancient times.

And notably, there are some tourist highlights which simply evoke a promise of wildlife adventures and an experience you may not forget. If you have the heart to make a visit to an alligator or crocodile farm, you might be willing to try some of their rides through the swamps. And as you get there, you might be stunned by the sight of a very large and close to life size sculpture of an alligator with sharp teeth and all to grace your presence. Well, the wildlife excites us, doesn’t it? We will present wildlife gifts of all kinds to make a statement from tabletop monkey sculptures and figurines representing the see no evil and speak no evil adage to bear door stops and bookends. We may even resort to adorning the wildlife any way we can using animal themed doorstops to hold our doors. Our penchant for the animals therefore extends all ways and as you shop our catalogs, we hope you will find unique wildlife décor and gifts for your home and garden. Email us for more information. We will be more than happy to help you.
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