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Garden Bells

Many of us may choose to include some garden bells for the outdoors as part of the decorative landscape or we might be interested in introducing decorative bells for the indoors. Our range of bells features quality bronze bells including oriental and Chinese bells for the home and outdoors, cast iron bells including rooster country bells and decorative bells as well as unique indoor bells for decorative use.
Brass Bells - Hand Held
Bells have a history that stretches across the centuries. Here, our catalog highlights brass bells suitableas school bells, teacher bells and as dinner bells.
Bronze Bells
Explore our range of indoor and outdoor bronze bells created through the lost wax process of bronze casting.
Cast Iron Bells
Discover decorative cast iron bells including country bells and other decorative garden iron bells for the home or garden.
Garden Bells
Just about any home could do with a garden bell to sound the chimes. Our catalog highlights all sorts of garden bells to fit the various themes.
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