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Children Statues

Children statues add an innocence to the garden, evoking a youthful presence by highlighting a mood or action that we can all relate to. Our children statues include bronze children statues and figurines, girl on bench statues, boy statues, mother and child statues, garden girl statues, bronze football sculptures and reading children statues. Also visit for tabletop boy and girl statues for the home. For bronze children sculpgures, please visit the catalog for all bronze statues to see our children selections.
Boy and Girl Fountain Sculptures
Features boy and girl fountain statues and spitter sculptures for the pond and pool.
Boy Statues, Sculptures and Tabletop Figurines
Explore boy statues for a memorial, birthday or as a gift.
Children Garden Fountains
Features small and large children fountains for the patios, courtyards and garden.
Children Statues
For those who love boys and girls; catalog features large to life size bronze children sculptures as well.
Large to Life Size Girl Garden Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
An adorable selection of girl statues for a birthday, graduation day or as a memorial.
Large to Life Size Children Sculptures
Features large to life size children measuring 40"H and above for memorials, park statues and statues for a school or library...
Reading Boy and Girl Sculptures
Fine selections of boy and girl reading statues for a school, library, park, memorial with tabletop sculptures for a graduation or birthday.
Tabletop Children Figurines and Gifts
Features tabletop boy and girl figurines, children bookends and unique gifts with the children theme.
For those who are seeking larger children sculptures as memorial statues for the garden, we recommend using bronze sculptures for long term use. Resin like clay will corrode over time, and will eventually disintegrate. You will do better placing bronze children sculptures instead since bronze is a metal tested through time, and is durable.
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