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Door Stops and Door Wedges

Our decorative door stops and door wedges include delightful animal door stops and door wedges such with the wolf, turtle, cat, dog and bear themes. Each decorative doorstop is artistically hand finished. The result is quality doorstops that make an impression while serving a function. Doorstops need not be boring and can include neat themes that communicate an interest from the home dweller. Our cast iron doorstops make inviting gift ideas for friends and family or if you are looking for a small doorstop, then our door wedges may be a suggestion.
Animal Door Stops and Door Wedges
Our animal door stops highlights unique animal door wedges and cast iron door stops like our dog, cat and rooster doorstops.
Cast Iron Door Stops and Door Wedges
Features heavy cast iron door stops which are large and durable as well as cast iron door wedges which come with unique themes.
Coastal and Sea Themed Doorstops
Our coastal and sea themed door stops features a unique selection of doorstops that invite the look of the sea.
Decorative Door Stops
Our decorative door stops supplements the fall theme with the pine cone door stops, the fleur de lis theme and scroll designs.
Cast Iron and Wooden Door Wedges
Our door wedges highlight cast iron door wedges like our popular fleur de lis door wedges and wooden door wedges with unique animal themes.
Farm Country Door Stops
Everything to do with the American farm country from colorful rooster doorstops to cow door stops to hold your door.
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