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Frog Statues, Sculptures and Figurines

Explore frog statues for any frog statue you like including tabletop frog figurines and shelf sitters. Frogs are known to bring friendship and symbolize fertility. Like the Chinese, the Romans considered frogs as sacred and symbolic creatures to be revered as well as symbols of good fortune for the home. Australian Aborigines and Native American tribes consider frogs as ushers of the rain hence the concept of fertility and abundance. Our frog statues collection is bound to add a delight to your home and garden. They make also decorative frog gifts like our frog shelf sitters and frog gauges for the garden.

Large Frog Statues
Features large frog statues measuring 16"H and more including bronze poison frog sculptures and Yoga frogs.
Bronze Frog Sculptures and Statues
Features small and large bronze frog statues and sculptures including bronze tabletop figurines.
Frog Figurines and Gifts
Explore unique frog figurines for use as shelf sitters and as gift ideas for friends and family.
Frog Fountain Statues and Spitters
Features frog fountain statues and spitter sculptures for your pond, waterfall or select water feature.
Unique Frog Gifts
Explore unique frog gifts like our frog door stops and door wedges, frog bookends and other whimsical figurines.
Frog Musicians including Frog with Trumpet, Violin, Saxaphone and Flute
Features musician themed frogs with trumpets, violins, saxophones, guitars, flutes and sets of frog themed musicians for display.
Frog Planters
Explore a range of unique frog planters for the garden and as table centerpieces.
Frog Statues Up to 15"H
Features all frog statues up to 15"H including whimsical welcome frog statues and frog gauges.
Frog Wall Decor and Plaques
Features assorted frog wall accents like frog wall plaques and gifts.
Reading Frog Statues and Sculptures
Features small to life size reading frog statues and sculptures including bronze reading frogs for a library or school....
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Happy King Frog with Gold Crown
Happy King Frog with Gold Crown
List Price: $52.00
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Happy King Frog with Gold Crown
Our cast iron King Frog with Gold Crown figurine seems contented after savoring a sumptuous meal. Also serves as paperweight. Rust finish.
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