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Garden finials are lawn ornaments which create a decorative statement to the garden and our selections of garden finials are endless from acorn finials, cast stone finials that include rich mossy looking finials which stepped off the classic era, pineapple finials and tall obelisks which a mystery to the garden, almost heralding a time that has been long past. Finials are a wonderful way of supplementing the garden landscape with accents that create your character and love for the garden.
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Garden Obelisk with Shell Base Only
Garden Obelisk with Shell Base Only
List Price: $1,200.00
Your Price: $868.00
You Save: $332.00 (28 %)
Garden Obelisk with Shell Base Only
Accentuate the garden with our beautiful obelisk created from cast stone. Shown atop a shell themed base.
Garden Obelisk with 2 Bases as Shown
Garden Obelisk with 2 Bases as Shown
List Price: $1,395.00
Your Price: $965.00
You Save: $430.00 (31 %)
Garden Obelisk with 2 Bases as Shown
Accentuate the garden with our beautiful obelisk created from cast stone. Shown atop a shell themed base and a slightly wider bottom base.
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Finials Architecture: Popular Finials to Use Outdoors

Once you have a garden design plan in place, you are on your way to creating the look for your garden landscape. Create a garden wish list so you know what will work for you in your garden. This should include plans for your garden and highlight spaces for entertaining your guests. Some homeowners will add charm to their garden by creating patios and decks with seating spaces. Sometimes, if space permits, a courtyard would also be created to accommodate time for spending in the garden. There are also gardens which invest in giving a good time by creating secret gardens as part of their landscape. Such gardens are intended to offer a private retreat and are welcomed because they offer us a chance to withdraw and meditate for peace.

As you plan to add a structure to your garden landscape, you will also begin to invest in accessories to add to your garden. Some of these additions would include sculptures and ornaments like garden finials and orbs. Many homeowners are fascinated with the use of garden finials and some invest in large finials to set a focal point to their courtyards resting such ornaments on pedestals along driveways as an instance.

So, what are finials and why the interest in them? Mention the word “finial” and most of us would think of the base of the lamp shade or the end attachments you would use on your curtain rods. Some of us may also use smaller finials which act as decorative objects for the bathrooms or foyers. When used indoors, they have acquired a form with all other accessories, some more telling than the others when used as pineapple finials or when they are created to acquire the look of an animal like a horse finial as an instance.

However, finials go further than just adding a presence in the house. While they once adorned the top or corner of a building often residing on rooftops, architectural finials are now used to add a unique dimension to the garden creating either formality or informality where they are used. Many of these finials now come in many forms from heavy cast stone pieces to expensive bronze forms to fiberglass resin finials which are designed lightweight. Walk around any garden and you will notice that finials have formed part of the landscape. They welcome the look of the classical past and add a sense of history and appeal to the location where they are placed.

So, what are the kind of architectural finials which add interest and why?

  1. Pineapple finials

Till this day, American homeowners are interested in using the pineapple as a motif for expressing their hospitality and invite to a guest. It isn’t surprising therefore to find many indoor decorative items with the pineapple theme like pineapple trivets, pineapple napkin rings and even pineapple bookends. Given the meaning to the visual use of the pineapple, it makes sense to have pineapple finials adorn the walkways and pathways since the meaning of the pineapple shows the importance you place in entertaining your guests. While some gardeners may look to purchase a pineapple plaque for the entrance to the home that shows the words, “Welcome to our Home”, you also can deliver the same impact gracing your driveway with two large pillars holding pineapple finials. You can also add sculptural appeal placing pineapple finials as part of your landscape such as adding them to your flower beds or your courtyards. Some homeowners also add a pineapple finial to complete the look of their fountain thereby adding a sense of hospitality to the space.

  1. Vintage Finials

You can get many reproduction finials created with the vintage look. They are better than buying antique finials since the latter might come with wobbly bottom that may make the finial less sturdy to stand. Reproduction finials come in many forms and are designed to be decorative some taking the look of acorn or classic ball finials. A number of such finials also capture your favorite element in place. Use these finials to add to your patio table or desk or set them around the flower beds and by the pond or pool for effect. They can also be added to fence posts or columns.

  1. Horse Finials

Those who enjoy the equestrian appeal will of course indulge in getting horse finials for their gateposts or for decorating their pillars. Sculptural finials add grace and beauty when placed atop pillars or gateposts and depending on the form, will supplement the look of formality and informality to the place.

  1. Unique Finials with the Whimsical Theme

Some homeowners may invite the whimsical look with the use of fairy finials and even angel or cherub finials. Depending on where they are used, such finials will surely add to the character of the garden landscape highlighting the flower beds or attracting attention to a given niche or garden space.

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