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Garden Planters, Urns and Bowl Planters

Enjoy an enriching garden experience with selections of small and large garden planters and flower pots for the home and garden with sturdy fiberglass planters and cast stone and concrete planters for planting including unique tree planters, architectural planters, commercial planters for the hotel and restaurant decor and many other outdoor garden vases too. Garden planters are excellent solutions for dressing foyers, hallways, decks and even swimming pools. Consider also a choice of shallow bowl planters and urns as options.
Whimsical Animal Planters like Bear Planters, Rabbit Planters and Bird Planters
Explore whimsical garden planters from delightful dog planters to cat planters, bird planters and bear planters for the garden or as gifts.
Bowl Planters
Our garden bowl planters offer unique opportunities to display your shallow plantings with a look that defines your interest.
Bronze Planters, Urns and Vases
Explore unique bronze planters, urns and vases including lion planters and urns, large ram planters and tabletop vases that add style, form and decorative appeal to the home or garden.
Ceramic Vases and Planters
Explore ceramic vases and planters including Tuscan vases and urns, ceramic animal planters and other decorative ceramic vases for indoor and outdoor garden decor.
Concrete Planters
Discover concrete planters and concrete planter boxes, pots and other stone pots that create a classic design for the garden landscape.
Flower Pots
Our choice in decorative flower pots and unique garden planters are endless with their imperial and oftentime old classic designs that will surely make heads turn. From Greek and Roman influences to the old English countryside and a touch of the Mediterre
Garden Urns
Create a flower garden with our choice of landscaping planters including fiberglass garden urns and landscaping urns that create an impact and a decorative statement.
Large Planters
Discover our line of large garden planters and flower pots including large commercial planters, architectural planters, unique large planters for city parks and grounds.
Mediterranean Jars and Vessels
Explore Mediterranean jars and storage vessels including large olive jars and antique Spanish jars for the Mediterranean home and garden decor; create architectural designs with our large storage jars and terracotta designed jars made of fiberglass resin.
Metal Planters
Our metal planters offers unique aluminum garden urns, metal flower boxes and decorative brass planters.
Wall Planters
Explore garden wall planters including fiberglass resin wall planters, urn wall planters and wall vases for the home or garden decor.
Whimsical Planters
Create a whimsical decor with our range of whimsical planters and other decorative planters, small and large, for the home and garden.
Window Boxes
Window Boxes or rectangular planters add to a wonderful geometric angle towards planting and our selections of unique resin flower boxes are designed to please from the windowbox with the clean and simple designs to classic windowboxes that add an invitin
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