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Life Size Statues

Life size statues add a unique addition to the garden and create movement and sometimes, stillness. Our range of life size statues include famous human sculptures, Greek and Roman statues like the famous Hebe and Venus statues, life size reproductions of the famous Rodin sculptures and even a selection of David statues.
Life Size Biblical Figures
Explores a line of Biblical sculptures like our statues of King David in bronze and marble.
Life Size Children Sculptures and Statues
Features monumental children statues and sculptures for a park, memorial, school, library, museum and garden too!
Life Size Dancing Statues and Sculptures
Features life size dancing statues including ballerina and ballroom dancing statues and sculptures.
Life Size Four Seasons Statues
Features life size sculptures of the four seasons depicting seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Other Life Size Sculptures
Features life size sculptures including classical statues and other themed life size statues.
Life Size Golf, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer and Football Statues and Sculptures
Features selections of life size statues for golf, badminton, tennis, football and soccer, basketball and more!
Life Size Women and Female Statues
Features female sculptures for indoor and outdoor display.
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