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Mediterranean Jars and Vessels

The beauty of the Mediterranean arts has rendered exquisite creation of unique themes for the garden such as the olive jars or sometimes known as Mediterranean jars. These large jars which originated from the Middle East and were prevalent in ancient Spain and the Mediterranean regions, were used as storage vessels to hold food, oil, nuts and wine but have since been used for creating focal points for the Mediterranean home and garden designs. Our Mediterranean jars, also known as olive jars, highlight some of the fascinating architectural designs that were inherent in these earthy, terracotta jars and will surely shape the decor styles with a unique appeal, drawing much of the inspiration from the antiquity and uniqueness of the jars.
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Large Mediterranean Jar. Large Mediterranean pots
Large Mediterranean Jar
List Price: $622.00
Your Price: $496.00
You Save: $126.00 (20 %)
Large Mediterranean Jar
Standing tall and graceful, our large Mediterranean Jar offer an impressive centerpeice for any environment. Resin.
Large Ancient Greek Urn
Large Greek Urn (Based on Original)
List Price: $905.00
Your Price: $724.00
You Save: $181.00 (20 %)
Large Greek Urn (Based on Original)
Standing tall and graceful, our large Greek Urn adds a sophisticated Mediterranean theme to any environment. Resin.
Large Ram Jar - 32
Large Ram Jar - 32"H
List Price: $1,550.00
Your Price: $1,200.00
You Save: $350.00 (23 %)
Large Ram Jar - 32"H
Our large garden urns and garden jars create a sentiment for European garden landscaping like this large garden jar shown here with floral and ram head designs. Fiberglass resin.
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