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Angel garden statuary imbibe a holy addition to the home and garden and are inspiring considerations for your garden landscape. Explore our catalogs for angel statues and sculptures such as guardian angels and weeping angel statues as well as memorial angels for a monument or cemetery. Also visit for large praying angels and angel bird feeder statues to add a celestial glow to the garden as well as sleeping angel baby statues and life size church angel statues like our majestic angels and adoration angel statues. We also suggest sending someone a thoughtful angel gift to show that your thoughts are always with them.
Very Large and Life Size Angel Sculptures
Features large to life size angels like our inspiring angel with harp sculpture for a gateway or entrance.
Angel Bird Feeders and Bird Baths
Features angel bird feeders and bird baths for the garden landscape.
Angel Boy Statues, Figurines and Sculptures
Discover large and praying angel boy statues and sculptures as gifts for friends and family.
Angel Garden Planters
Explore garden angel planters for sending as gifts to friends and family.
Angel Gifts
Catalog features unique angel gifts for friends and family as well as for Christmas.
Angel Girl Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
Explore angels for your home and garden needs as well as extending them as gifts to friends and family.
Memorial Angel Sculptures, Statues and Grave Markers
Explore grave and cemetery markers, memorial angel sculptures and monument angels.
Angel Stepping Stones and Garden Rocks
Explore angel stepping stones and angel plaques with words that describe and inspire.
Angels - 0" to 12"H Angel Figurines
Features angel figurines for the home or garden or as memorial gifts for a special occasion.
Angels - 13" to 29"H
Explore large angel statues standing up to 29"H for the lawn and garden decor.
Angels - 30" to 80"H
Explore large to life size angel garden sculptures for the lawn and garden and for using as monument sculptures.
Guardian Angels
Discover guardian angel statues and sculptures and send them as gifts to friends and family.
Kneeling Angel Statues and Sculptures
Explore kneeling garden angels which seek intercession or are praying; set a celestial presence in the garden.
Marble Angel Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
Explore angel marble sculptures from Italy for use as monument and cemetery angels.
Praying Angel Statues, Figurines and Sculptures
Features tabletop and large praying angel statues and sculptures.
Sleeping Angel Baby Statues and Figurines
Explore indoor and garden sleeping angel statues and sculptures for a memorial or as a gift.

Finding Your Way with God's Angels

The garden is a sacred place for us, a place where we commune and relax. Some of us like the garden to be a place of refuge, one where we can seek solace from the stress and everyday demands of our life. Many of us would include angel statues and angel sculptures that create not only a depth of divine light to the garden but also add a sense of reassurance to us that the Heavens is watching over us. Angels add a celestial element to the garden and our angels include small and large angel statues and sculptures including angel dog figurines and memorial cat gifts. These days, angels come in all shapes and sizes. You might find a small angel birdbath that can also add a look to the inside of the home or a large angel bird feeder to welcome the birds to the garden. For those who like angels for a grave or a cemetery, please consider the granite or bronze angel statues and sculptures. Some may think adding a resin angel statue would be enough but please bear in mind that resin weathers over time and hence, expect to change the statue over time as there is no guarantee that resin angel statues will hold all year long to the elements.

So, what are angels and why are they considered so special? Well, the world of angels has always intrigued all cultures often seen as embarking on God’s mission to spread love and kindness across mankind on earth. They have been documented across many cultures and are known to be extremely beautiful to look at. It seems a lot of what we understand them to be comes from the Christian and Jewish faith where they are seen as messengers of God where much of how we see them comes from the literature and paintings passed on through ancient Biblical times. When we speak of angels, we often refer to a celestial and supernatural being that lives in heaven which is charged with the task of looking after humans on earth. The study of angels has become so intense today that the subject matter has become a field of its own known as “angelology”.

Angels are guardians of mankind serving as intermediaries between heaven and earth through the directions given by God. They possess superior qualities and are known to be of a higher plane possessing goodness, purity and intelligence. These winged beings are also characterized as beautiful and divine mystical forms often represented with a halo above their heads. Because of the high and spiritual denomination given to angels, you might sometimes hear people referencing another person as an “angel”. What they are really referring to is labeling that someone in a very special and endearing way because angels are known to be kind and loving spirits. And so, when you speak of someone as an “angel”, you are really elevating that person’s status to the level of God’s heavenly creatures.

History still cannot determine for sure how an angel looks. Most of what we think angels to be comes from our understanding of theology and the way they are portrayed in art. Hence, angels can be portrayed as spiritual in form or endowed with the physical looks of a human. For years, we have been mystified trying to capture what they look like on film. Although some accounts have been well documented to suggest what they might be, there still remain a lot that needs further research and explanation as to what angels could look like. However, the interest in angels will continue to gain an important part of our lives and as a way of us relating closer to God.

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