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Bird Feeders and Bird Baths

Bird baths and bird feeders foster your bird watching activities in the garden. Our bird baths and bird feeders include unique bird feeder statues, whimsical bird feeders like cherub birdfeeders and even religious bird feeders like the Saint Francis bird feeder and other animal bird feeders. These lovely birdbaths not only offer an aesthetic sense around the garden, but they boost your garden decor considerably. Birds add a great beauty to the garden landscape and garden decor. Adding bird baths and bird feeders especially in a dry summer season can welcome many of your feathered friends.
Angel and Cherub Bird Feeders
Explore angel and cherub bird feeders made of resin for the garden.
Animal Bird Feeders
Explore resin and metal animal bird feeders with frog bird feeders, bunny bird feeder statues and even raccoon bird feeder sculptures.
Bird Baths
Discover metal and resin bird baths including decorative birdbaths and aluminum or cast iron bird baths.
Boy and Girl Bird Feeders
Explore resin garden girl and boy bird feeder sculptures to welcome your feathered friends to the garden.
Metal Bird Baths: Cast Iron, Bronze and Aluminum
Explore metal bird baths including cast iron and aluminum bird baths for the garden.
Resin Bird Baths
Explore resin bird baths and decorative bird baths for the garden.
Saint Francis Bird Feeders
Explore Saint Francis of Assisi bird feeders and sculptures for the garden or as gifts for friends.

Welcome the Birds with Bird Baths and Feeders

Many gardeners encourage the entry of birds into their garden by providing a food or water source. Till this day, birds are appreciated for the part they play in keeping unwanted flying insects and mosquitoes away from the garden. For centuries, gardeners have been attracting birds to the garden as a food source or to catch insects. The 18th century residents of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia placed great importance on attracting birds to their garden and would invite the Martins and other bird types to the garden by displaying “bird bottles”. These bottles would then be used as nesting bottles and the birds would rest this way in the garden while keeping the garden free of insects. Even in this day and age, these bird bottles are still sold in the Williamsburg stores and added as unique accents for the local garden.

So, how do you attract the birds to the garden? When you create a garden with plants and flowers, you want to bring life to it by attracting the birds. Birds bring color and add music to the garden. They also take the flying insects away and add a sense of eco-balance to the garden. A brown thrasher eats about a thousand insects a day while birds like wrens will feed their young as many as 500 insects a day. As such, having birds in the garden means a better chance of relaxing in your land without the threat of insects coming by. So, how do you encourage birds to visit your garden?

One of the ways would be to set up a bird bath or bird feeder in your garden. Attractive bird feeders and bird baths as well as bird houses can not only add charming accents to the garden landscape but they will encourage birds to stop by more often to get food and water. Many American homeowners may add a birdbath set up on a pedestal in a formal garden or a whimsical animal bird feeder to create an informal look. Today, there are many types of bird baths and bird feeders available in the marketplace. They come in many forms from cast iron and aluminum bird baths to resin animal bird feeders shaped in the form of bears, cats, pigs and even rabbits.

You can set up a bird bath in the midst of your flower garden or break the monotony of a horizontal stretch of land by setting up a bird bath or bird feeder to welcome your feathered friends. Some homeowners may also add bird baths on the ground to welcome the birds. Use one where you can watch the birds as they splash away in the water set in the bird bath but be careful to ensure that the bird seeds do not fall out if you are choosing to add bird seeds in the bird bath basin. These bird seeds can potentially grow into weeds your garden does not need.
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