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Cat Bookends

Our cat bookends highlights a range of resin and cast iron cat bookends as well as brass cat bookends for a whimsical touch. Explore a unique range of decorative cat bookends with character for the home or as gifts for children and friends.
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Kitty Cat Bookends - Resin
Kitty Cat Bookends - Resin
List Price: $75.00
Your Price: $54.50
You Save: $20.50 (27 %)
Kitty Cat Bookends - Resin
One of our kitty cat gifts highlights this set of cat bookends for the desk. Resin.
Fat Cat Bookends
Fat Cat Bookends
List Price: $99.95
Your Price: $64.50
You Save: $35.45 (35 %)
Fat Cat Bookends
Out fat cats are cute options for the bookshelves or as standalone figurines for the shelf. Cast iron.
Sitting Cat Bookends
Sitting Cat Bookends
List Price: $89.95
Your Price: $68.50
You Save: $21.45 (24 %)
Sitting Cat Bookends
Our set of sitting cat bookends seem shy but they add function and fun holding your books. Resin.
Push Up Cat Bookends
Push Up Cat Bookends
List Price: $135.00
Your Price: $95.00
You Save: $40.00 (30 %)
Push Up Cat Bookends
Our two cats are looking to push up weight against your books. Aluminum and cast iron.
Set of Brass Cat Bookends
Brass Scratching Cat Bookends
List Price: $164.50
Your Price: $99.50
You Save: $65.00 (40 %)
Brass Scratching Cat Bookends
Our set of scratching cat bookends add a unique addition to the desk and library. Brass.

Cat Gifts for Her and Him

All of us love our cats. There is something magnetic that attracts us to keep these feline animals as pets. Cats are small, cuddly and can be attractive and playful. Over the years, keeping a cat has made them a part of the family because the cat offers companionship and love. Although we are much taller and bigger than them, cats treat us on the same level as them – just like another cat! They may rub on us and show their approval to us by sticking their tails up, all part of the grooming process they learn from their mother cat. Through the socialization process they acquire from their mother which begins when they are kittens, they would use the training as yardsticks to work with us. And we in turn tend to treat them like our own, giving them love and affection so they keep coming back to us for more.

There is a general view that keeping pets helps extend our lives and is a satisfying activity. Many of us may choose to keep pets like a cat, rat or a dog. Keeping a pet helps our soul and we also enjoy the companionship which comes from knowing our pets. We may groom our kittens from young and then train them to relate to us on a day to day activity. Cats in turn, learn to express their love for us through their own way by cuddling and purring affectionately many times rubbing their bodies against us to show their approval. The constant association with our cats makes us want to be closer to them. We treasure our cats and take care of their needs. When they are sick, we send them to the vet and we buy the necessary aids to keep their lives as happy as possible living with us. And when we lose them, we oftentimes feel a part of us is gone. Some of us grow to be so attached to our pets that we do not take too easily being away from them. As such, many people may travel with their pets. It seems that pets have their place with us and will affect our lives in ways we may never realize.

Some of us are so fond of our pets that we may purchase items which resemble them. There are so many gift items available to celebrate our cats if you are looking for cat gifts for her, and one of them includes cat bookends. Some of us may love our cats so much that we would like to celebrate them by having them as part of the household accessories. For instance, we may cherish seeing cat bookends used to hold our favorite books. Some of us may purchase cat bookends also as gifts to those who keep cats seeing the need to have such objects to celebrate their love for cats. Whatever it be the reason, cat owners maintain close ties with their pets through an understanding and the love that grows from there shows its way through the kind of accessories we use to dress our homes. Cat bookends are just one of the kinds of accessories used to show our affection for our cats. Perhaps, seeing them epitomized in the form of bookends makes us realize how much they mean to us. After all, cats are not just pets. Over time, they form an integral part of the family unit.

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