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Our mushroom world catalog highlights the beauty of mushrooms as we introduce a myriad of unique mushroom sculptures and figurines for indoor and garden decor use. Whether they include standalone mushroom sculptures to lovely sculptures highlighting fairies with mushrooms, we hope you will find a little mushroom piece that will inspire.
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Mushroom Sculpture
Mushroom Sculpture
List Price: $79.95
Your Price: $55.00
You Save: $24.95 (31 %)
Mushroom Sculpture
Invite the magical depth to the garden with our cute mushroom sculpture. Resin.
Little Fairy Girl with Mushroom Figurine
Little Fairy Girl with Mushroom Figurine
List Price: $78.50
Your Price: $59.95
You Save: $18.55 (24 %)
Little Fairy Girl with Mushroom Figurine
If you are seeking small fairies, then this fairy on a mushroom may be of interest. She comes damsel like, one leg atop a mushroom and highlights open wings. Resin.
Frog Pals Sititng on Mushrooms
Frog Pals Sitting on Mushrooms
List Price: $85.00
Your Price: $69.50
You Save: $15.50 (18 %)
Frog Pals Sitting on Mushrooms
Three froggie friends sit and share a day out under the sun. Resin.
Mushroom Bird Bath
Mushroom Bird Bath
List Price: $385.00
Your Price: $289.00
You Save: $96.00 (25 %)
Mushroom Bird Bath
Add a whimsical addition to the garden with this lovely bird bath highlighting mushrooms to hold the water for your birds.

Have you ever walked to a garden and sometimes wondered why you could never find a path to get you to the front door? Have you ever wondered about the inconvenience of walking through grass and wishing you did not have to cross over flowering plants and vegetable plots along the way? If you are one of many who wished the journey to someone’s front door could be made a lot easier, then you are not alone. Everyone wishes they had a garden path to walk along just to get to the front door. The truth is garden paths are really a practical need in any garden landscaping project. They not only serve a function but they provide an aesthetic and emotional advantage to your landscape.

You can decide on just about any type of garden path that works for you. If your front door takes a while to get to, it makes sense to have a garden path. For instance, you can set a mortared brick path that gently curves around a bend highlighting a beautiful life size sculpture or a garden fountain on the right and then add an inviting touch of greenery on the left thereby supplementing a mystery and sense of spaciousness about the garden. Your guests will surely enjoy walking past shrubs and trees and exploring the surroundings as they gaze in wonder at the fountain or sculpture that you have added. Above all, you give your guests a pleasurable experience that leaves them with something to talk about when they leave your home.

Walking along a garden path is an experience and as the homeowner, you are in control of how you’d like your guests to view their experience crossing into your garden to reach the front door. A straight path to the front door can be just functional and only serve the purpose of getting from point A to point B. However, when you add character to the path placing topiary bushes and shrubs as well as florals along the way, it catches attention and you create emotions within your guests as they digest the beautiful scenic landscaping you have given. A straight brick path for instance encourages a leisure stroll as your guest comfortably enjoys the view of plants on either sides taking into account the imagery caused by the colored florals and the creeping vines nestling on the arbors you have set up along the way. Walking on the garden path then becomes a lot more meaningful and creates an aesthetic value. It raises curiosity as your guests wonder about what lies ahead of the path. A meandering path in the meantime presents a chance to appreciate the greenery and landscape a little more, and allows the guests to stop at sections to view for instance an enchanting fairy garden placed within the midst of the greenery. With curving and meandering paths, you allow your guests to stop and notice details and the feeling of walking through the path becomes an elevating experience as they reach the final destination of finding you waiting at the front door. When you set forth a meandering path, you really want your guests to appreciate the view and you create the sections along that path to deliver the experience.

Garden paths are essential features in a garden landscape. They can be used to help tell a story about your garden pointing to a water feature like a garden pond and the thriving bog garden close by while tying in the garden ornaments and sculptures you have used along the way. A pedestal holding a grand planter may draw attention as you follow the path while arbors may sectionalize and take your guests to select areas of your garden landscape such as a patio or deck. Paths therefore add an order in the landscape and without them, you almost wonder about the inconvenience of having to venture to the front door blindly.

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